Hardy Amies

Mikey Sorbello - Hackney

Mikey Sorbello is a coffee roaster and barista at Climpson & Sons in Hackney. Sorbello is originally from Australia and has been a big fan of coffee ever since he was a kid, bringing a thermos of the stuff with him to high school. He’s been with Climpson & Sons for two years. The company was born out of Burgil Coffee, a market stall in the early nineties, set up by Ian Burgess. After a few years Burgess set up shop in East London’s Broadway Market, recognising the potential of the location and taking on the name of the old butchers’ shop for the business; Climpson & Sons. They focus both on making a mean cup of coffee and roasting the beans as well, signifying their intent to focus on sourcing and roasting quality green beans. Climpson & Sons was established in 2005, and is considered one of the pioneering venues for London’s now-famous coffee revolution.

“I think everybody here on Broadway Market has something, or the determination to do something. And that helps you to achieve your own goals.”

The neighbourhood

Hackney is located in East London and north of the City of London. The increase of railways during the Victorian era made travelling to suburbs easier and the increase of industrialisation on the ‘outskirts’ of London drove away the wealthier classes, leaving parts of the area with a large concentration of poor people and many slums. Both Hoxton and Shoreditch were incorporated into the newly created London Borough of Hackney in 1965. In the years after the Second World War many small industries moved out of the area. In the 1980s these industrial lofts and buildings came to be occupied by young artists as inexpensive live and work spaces, and the 1990s saw an explosion of exhibitions, raves and clubs in the area. Today Hackney has a vibrant arts and entertainment scene and houses a variety of notable cafés and restaurants.